Michelle Donelan’s E-News – 22 July 16

Last November the Government announced that they would be introducing a new fairer funding system which would almost certainly mean significantly more funding for Wiltshire’s schools.

The need for funding reform could not be greater.  The ten best funded areas on average received grants of £6,297 per pupil this year, compared pupils in Wiltshire who receive just £4,213 each for their education. Just think what our schools could do with an additional £2,084 per pupil per year – an average of nearly £1,000,000 per school each and every year!

Yesterday, the Government made an announcement that there would be a delay of a year whilst the detail of the fair funding formula was confirmed. Although I was pleased that the new Secretary of State confirmed that fair funding would still be happening, this was a disappointing announcement as I made clear in Parliament. CLICK HERE for the video.

On a totally separate issue, I was delighted that the Police have cleared up this nonsense surrounding false allegations made against me regarding the 2015 election. I appreciate the need to look into any allegations but it is such a shame that tax payers money was used, given the campaigning bus in question never came to the Chippenham constituency. CLICK HERE for more information.

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