Today the day the PM faces a confidence vote. I am sure she will win – to swap horses mid race would be disastrous. This vote is not about who leads the Conservatives into the next election but it is about whether it makes sense to change leader at this vital point in the Brexit negotiations, quite frankly it is a distraction when we should be focusing on delivering Brexit!

If we have a leadership election now, a new Leader wouldn’t be in place by the 21st January statutory deadline so the Government will lose control of the Brexit negotiations.

A new Leader wouldn’t have time to attempt any renegotiation and get any Withdrawal Agreement Bill through Parliament by 29th March, so one of their first acts would have to be to extend or revoke Article 50.

Let’s remember the Prime Minister is in the middle of trying to secure changes to address concerns about the backstop – concerns that I have raised. I have also been feeding in the concerns I have received from constituents. I am delighted that the Prime Minister is seeking changes and we need to give her some time to bat for Britain and deliver.