Child maintenance payments

For too long, parents have been able to hide their earnings from their child maintenance payment calculations, creating and adding to child poverty. Many constituents have come to me with issues around child maintenance including non payment and non declaration of all income. This week I asked what the government is doing to address this:

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Crucial that everyone’s vote has equal weight

It is crucial that everyone’s vote has equal weight. At the moment they don’t – given some Parliamentary constituencies are double the size of others. We must improve our representative democracy. To make this point I just asked the following intervention in the debate on Parliamentary constituencies. Michelle Donelan: I thank the Honourable member for…

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Asking the Prime Minister about fairer funding for Wiltshire schools

Today in Prime Minister’s Questions I asked the Prime Minister to reaffirm her commitment for fairer funding to Wiltshire schools – something I have been campaigning on for years. I also asked for a review of pupil premium to include other forms of key disadvantages, such as being a young carer, mental health problems and…

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Speaking in the Homelessness Reduction Bill Committee

This week on the Homelessness Reduction Bill Committee I spoke about the value of preventing homelessness by helping people early enough and ensuring that we treat people as individuals and develop personal plans based on their unique circumstances. I also emphasised our duty to care leavers. At the moment the current system often exasperates homelessness…

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