Events in Salisbury

Today the Prime Minister gave a statement on the awful recent incident in Salisbury. I asked her to join with me in commending the superb work of Wiltshire’s police and health services who have highlighted the level of public service and dedication to safety of our emergency services. Our thoughts go to Detective Sgt Bailey.

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Second Leveson inquiry

Yesterday I made the point that conducting a second Leveson inquiry would be extremely costly (£5 million plus) and untimely but also potentially undermine the freedom of our press and be too narrow. Our media is changing and with the decline of the press and rise of digital media another press review is not the…

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Speaking in a health statement

Yesterday I spoke on the Statement regarding a damming report by into Liverpool Community Health (LCH). I agreed with the Minister’s commitment to exposing failings in the NHS especially when those failings harm people. I also made the point that efficiency and safety is not just down to money but also strong leadership and responsible…

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Child maintenance payments

For too long, parents have been able to hide their earnings from their child maintenance payment calculations, creating and adding to child poverty. Many constituents have come to me with issues around child maintenance including non payment and non declaration of all income. This week I asked what the government is doing to address this:

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Crucial that everyone’s vote has equal weight

It is crucial that everyone’s vote has equal weight. At the moment they don’t – given some Parliamentary constituencies are double the size of others. We must improve our representative democracy. To make this point I just asked the following intervention in the debate on Parliamentary constituencies. Michelle Donelan: I thank the Honourable member for…

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