Today the day the PM faces a confidence vote. I am sure she will win – to swap horses mid race would be disastrous. This vote is not about who leads the Conservatives into the next election but it is about whether it makes sense to change leader at this vital point in the Brexit…

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This month, the International Development Secretary has announced the UK will provide up to £50 million in UK aid to help put an end to female genital mutilation (FGM) by 2030. The funding – the largest single investment in FGM in the world ever – will go towards in-country projects across Africa.

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Asking the Defence Secretary to update the House about the threat to British citizens from the Russian State

Last week, I asked the Defence Secretary to update the House about the threat to British citizens from the Russian State following the tragic announcement of the death of Dawn Sturgess in Wiltshire. I will work with the Home Secretary and MP for Salisbury, John Glen to ensure that Wiltshire is safe and properly supported.

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Recent events at Amesbury

Our emergency services here in Wiltshire have worked tirelessly and bravely to deal with the recent tragic events at Amesbury. I am extremely grateful to them and the staff at Salisbury District Hospital. This week, I asked the Home Secretary to ensure that they have available all the information, support and resources they need to…

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Energy Cap Bill

Yesterday I spoke again on the Energy Cap Bill – arguing the importance of a cap to stop thousands of people in the Chippenham constituency continuing to be ripped off! I have supported this bill throughout including at the Bill Committee stage. I finished with a quote from the Chief Executive of Chippenham’s Good Energy…

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Home Office Questions

Today I asked the new Home Secretary Sajid Javid, if he agrees with me that there is absolutely no question of the Windrush generation’s right to remain here. However this doesn’t mean that policies to combat illegal immigration are less important. Illegal immigration is a crime and to conflate that with the Windrush generation is…

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Yet again, Labour played politics with people’s lives today. The Windrush generation are here legally and I welcome the work the Government is doing to help people, and the pledge of compensation. However today Labour confused the Windrush generation and illegal immigration – this is morally wrong and the two are very different! Watch my…

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Women in work

Last week I spoke in Parliament on women in work. I don’t agree with demeaning quotas or positive discrimination and I’m not a fan of singling out particular groups, as I do believe that further segregation can indeed cause discrimination. Instead I believe in empowering and encouraging women and all minorities to succeed and fulfil…

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