Parking charges

I have campaigned for a reduction of parking charges for years – as a means to rejuvenate our high streets and support local business. However parking charges are controlled by the Council and I have found their position very frustrating especially regarding Chippenham – who pay the highest of all the towns that I represent….

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Truck stop of the year

I was delighted to present the award for ‘Truck Stop of the Year’ to the Chippenham Pit Stop last week. We should never underestimate the value which long distance lorry drivers add to the UK economy, transporting the majority of UK freight and ensuring that shops and businesses we rely on have the products we…

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Michelle Donelan’s Plan

Michelle’s plan for our community More local jobs, especially for the young. Michelle has been a true champion of Wiltshire businesses who have created thousands of local jobs and opportunities. Develop a long-term plan for our town centres. Each of the four towns in the Chippenham constituency are unique. Michelle will work with local councils…

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Nationwide in Chippenham

Last week I visited our local Nationwide branch in Chippenham. It was great to see Nationwide offering innovative digital services, such as Nationwide NOW whilst not forgetting the importance of branch based banking for those who would prefer a more traditional service. Making banking accessible is vitally important so I am pleased to see Nationwide…

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Chippenham Park Run

The other weekend marked the 12 anniversary of Park Run. I joined the fantastic volunteers and runners at Chippenham Parkrun. Parkrun event takes place every Saturday at 9am and there are a number locally including Chippenham’s Monkton Park event and another starting soon in Melksham. They help bring the community together to participate in non…

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Calling for co-ordinated strategy to maximise the potential of our market towns

Click HERE to read my latest column in the Wiltshire Gazette & Herald Whilst Westminster and the national media obsesses with leadership battles, my focus this week, as always, remains on improving our pocket of Wiltshire for local people. I made a number of pledges to constituents before the 2015 General Election and developing a…

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