Congratulating the Bradford on Avon and Melksham Health Partnership

I am delighted that the Care Quality Commission (CQC) has rated the care provided by Bradford on Avon & Melksham Health Partnership in Bradford on Avon, Wiltshire as Outstanding overall, following an inspection in August 2016. Thank you to all of the staff and their consistent hard work.  Please see the letter I have written…

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Calling for co-ordinated strategy to maximise the potential of our market towns

Click HERE to read my latest column in the Wiltshire Gazette & Herald Whilst Westminster and the national media obsesses with leadership battles, my focus this week, as always, remains on improving our pocket of Wiltshire for local people. I made a number of pledges to constituents before the 2015 General Election and developing a…

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Fantastic discussion with local residents in Bradford on Avon

Fantastic discussion with over 120 local residents at St Margaret’s Hall in Bradford on Avon, organised by the BoA Senior’s Forum. It was my first taste of ‘speed-politics’ and was really enjoyable. There were lots of issues raised. From Europe to traffic, rights of local boaters to regulations surrounding the packaging of bread, nothing was…

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We need to tackle Bradford on Avon’s Congestion problem now

My latest column in the Wiltshire Times about tackling Bradford on Avon’s congestion problem. Whenever I speak with businesses, residents or visitors to Bradford on Avon the number one issue that is raised with me is, almost always, traffic. The unique nature of the geography, topology and antiquated infrastructure in the beautiful historic town combine…

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