Barclays Bank in Melksham

I was saddened to hear of the planned closure of Barclays bank in Melksham and my thoughts are with the staff and families of those effected at what must be a worrying time for them. Barclays is a private business but they still have a duty of care to the staff and customers impacted by this commercial decision and I have a meeting already booked in to speak to Management about how they plan to support those impacted.

I have worked closely with Natwest since the closure of their branch pushing for more support and was instrumental in the introduction of the Community Banker who is present in the library on a weekly basis to support customers, I will be pushing for Barclays to provide similar support. I have a number of surgeries planned across Melksham in the coming week so if you have been effected by the closure announcement please do get in touch with me on 01249 704 465 as I would be only too happy to speak with you face to face and offer any support I am able.

Natwest were at Melksham Party in the Park recently promoting the community banking service every Monday in the library 10-12pm. They can do home visits for those that are house bound.