Attending a workshop at Hathaway Medical Centre

Today I attended a workshop at Hathaway Medical Centre by the Chippenham Integrated Care Team. The team is made up of the Community team and the four Chippenham GP Practices, Hathaway, my own surgery Rowden, Lodge and Jubilee Fields.

They launched their plans for jointly working together. We discussed the challenges that our local healthcare providers face from recruitment to paper work. The biggest challenge is the added strain new housing will place on our medical centres and teams. If elected I will do everything I can to channel more funding and investment into our town and ensure that we have the resources and infrastructure to cater for all local people. One answer favoured by a number of people was a new surgery at Chippenham Community Hospital. Today showed the community focus of our health and social care providers. I will continue to work with them and support their integrated approach which puts you first.

Our NHS is a a national treasure that should be protected and improved on a local and national level. The Conservative Party will continue to increase spending on the NHS, supported by a strong economy, so the NHS can continue to deliver the care your family needs. We will spend at least an additional £8 billion by 2020 over and above inflation to fund and support the NHS’s own action plan for the next five years. I will work to ensure we get the level of funding and support we need on a local level.