Announcement of a Snap Election

The Prime Minister’s announcement today came as quite a surprise but an election will give the government the authority and mandate it needs. Division in Westminster and the Government’s small majority, risks weakening the Government’s hand in its negotiations with Europe.

I am disappointed because there is so much more I want and need to do but if we don’t have an election, we will have uncertainty and instability. The negotiations will reach their most difficult stage in the run-up to the next scheduled General Election.

I love every moment of being your Member of Parliament and have worked hard to always be the strong local champion that you deserve. I am now asking that you place your faith in me again. I have been working my way through my local plan that I promised to do in the last election and we do need continuity if it is to be completed.

From campaigning for fairer funding in our schools, tackling homelessness, standing up for the WASPI women impacted by the change in female pension age, being a strong voice on the need to safeguard pensioner incomes and benefits, working to improve our local transport infrastructure such as tackling the traffic in Bradford on Avon and working to re-open Corsham station and supporting local charities and businesses who are our local job creators. I am most proud of the Wiltshire Festival of Engineering which I organised and the work I have done to deal with the skills gap in engineering and manufacturing which threatens our jobs and businesses in the long term. Without a doubt though my favourite part of the job has always been being out and about in the constituency, listening to local people from schools to nursing homes, carers to shop keepers, doing visits, volunteering and assisting with events.

If you know me you will realise that I don’t mince my words, I say what I think and I am a grafter. So quite simply and honestly, I have dedicated my life to being your MP and this will continue should you do me the honour of re-electing me in June.

If you would like to help me with the election please do email: Michelle@michelledonelan.com

Michelle Donelan