Is 20 plenty 2

As a victim of a serious car accident myself, I know from painful experience how traumatic they can be. I was lucky. Many others aren’t so fortunate.

I want to make our roads as safe as possible. I have spoken to many residents who have raised serious concerns about local “rat runs” and high speed traffic in residential areas or through villages.

More than half of all road deaths in the UK are caused on roads where the speed limit is 30mph* and studies have shown that a reduction to 20mph can have a 70% reduction in child pedestrian accidents**.

I also believe that a 20mph speed limit through some residential areas will improve safety and encourage more people to walk or cycle. Do you agree?


Please let me know if there are any specific areas where you think a 20mph speed limit would be a benefit. I will compile a list of the most popular sites and speak with the council about what more can be done to improve the safety of our roads.


*British Transport Statistics. **Transport Research Laboratory